It was fun while it lasted, but

Low Cost Prints is now closed

After 16 years of a family-run business providing low-cost art to people around the world, we have shut down.
The market started turning sour a few years ago, and it affected everyone in the industry - artists, publishers, distributors (like us), and retailers. Folks simply weren't buying American art produced by American artists, publishers, and printers.
The final straw was our physical health, something that simply could not be worked around. Remember to appreciate your good health while you have it.
A heartfelt "thank you" to all the artists, publishers, retailers, and thousands of customers with whom we've dealt. Despite our "any reason at all" refund policy, only 1 in 300 orders was ever returned; we must've been doing something right.

For information on purchasing our assets, write:

forsale at lowcostprints dot com


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